Best Credit Cards 2017 – No Annual Fee

These are the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 2017 – With NO ANNUAL FEE

When you get a no annual fee credit card, you typically can get the same offers as those more premium credit cards that have a small annual fee attached.  But the difference here, is that when you get those cards without an annual fee, typically the rewards will be less than the annual pay card.  And there is some simple math that we can do here to find out which card is better for us…the paid card…or the no-annual fee card.  I typically like to go for the no annual fee card, because I like to hang onto my money as far into the future as I can…and I don’t like parting with it any sooner than I have to.  That is the frugal nature that I have in me…:)

But I think that the best thing to do really…is to do an analysis of what card is better for me.  And don’t worry, the analysis really isn’t too hard to do, and I can walk you through it right here on this website!  So here we go…

Should I get a no annual fee card or a credit card with an annual fee?  The way to tell is to simply divide the cost of the annual fee payment by the percentage rate that you will get back from the card.  So, for example if you will get 3% rewards from the card, and the cost of the card is $300 dollars, we can easily calculate the breakeven for this card based on the cost and the rewards.  If you eyes are starting to glaze over…or you feel like passing out…DON’T!  300/.03 = $10,000.  See you made it through.  So if you spend at least $10,000 over the year you will earn $300 in rewards from the card.   For every dollar you spend over the $10,000, this is where the rewards will start to benefit you.

Now, the cost of the premium card is not only reflected in the amount of the rewards, there are also some extra benefits that you can obtain by having the premium cards.  We will go into this more on the Annual Fee cards page.  But for 2017, we feel that there are great options for best credit cards of the year.  And without further ado…here we go :).

BEST No-Annual Fee Credit Cards of 2017

  1. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card – No Annual Fee(First year fee waived)
    The the Capital One Venture card you will earn 2% on all of the purchases that you make!  This card is the card I use as much as I can, and every day almost.  I love the Capital One Venture card.  Now the first year the fee is zero or $0, and for subsequent years the fee is $59 dollars.  So, this card is kind of a hybrid card.  If at the very least, you might want to give this card at try for 300ish days.  During that time, you’ll take advantage of the great introductory bonus of 40,000 miles, plus you’ll get the 2% rewards for all of your purchase.  Overall, this card represents a great deal for the first year.  If you end up deciding to keep this card for more than 1 year, remember to do our simple math calculation to determine if you spend enough each year to make it worth your while to have a card in your pocket with an annual fee.
  2. Bank of America Travel Rewards Card – No Annual Fee
    This BOFA travel rewards card in 2017 will pay you 1.5% for all of the purchases that you make.  BUT!!! and I mean BUT!!!  There are extra benefits and rewards that can be boosted if you have other accounts with Bank of America.  If you have extra accounts with Bank of America, you can boost up with Preferred Rewards.  The preferred rewards are a tiered system and they are based on the total combined balances of the funds that you have in account.  This gets a little technical, so to make sure you are getting the right info…check out their website.  And with the maximum benefit, it looks like you can get 2.25% rewards back but having combined total balances with BOFA of $100,000.  Now this definitely isn’t everybody but if you fall into this category you can get some great benefits by having both a combined balance and also saving on the annual fee.  It’s a big boost just for using the bank and also having a great rewards card to go with it.  This card is truely a great card after you take into account the fact that there is no annual fee, and if you have any other balances with the bank in other types of accounts, you can really boost up the rewards that you are able to earn.  It’s something to think about, if you can work this card into your wallet.This card also gives you a great introductory offer in the form of 20,000 bonus miles when you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days.
  3. Amazon Rewards Visa Card
    You will save 5% when you use the Amazon card for purchases on  If you are a big Amazon purchaser like I am, I love them, then this may be the right card for you.  You will also save 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores.  For all other purchases you will save 1%.  This rewards card stands out for purchases done with Amazon.   My suggestion for using this card, if you like to have a few different cards in your wallet, is to get this card and save it inside of the online system.  This can be your preferred card for all of your Amazon purchases because after all, you can’t really beat 5% off of your purchases(except this is also matched with the Target Card).


Get Sidetracked to Make More Money!

Getting sidetracked is such a hard aspect, but a challenge of everyday life.  It’s hard because I don’t think anybody is immune to it, it just happens to people in different aspects and in different degrees.  You see millionaires & billionaires who are business people that get into politics…are they sidetracked?

Well this leads me to the next question…what does it mean to be sidetracked?  Essentially, being sidetracked means that FEEL you are taken off of the course from what your ultimate goals are, and you start down another path towards another goal.

As a small business owner, an employee, or just in everyday life you’ll definitely encountered issues that make you unsure about your path forward, and you will question if you are getting sidetracked from a bigger goal you have in mind.  For example, you may be at work, and thinking of your next vacation…or on vacation and thinking about the work piling up on your desk.  And aren’t these just the inverses of each other?   Why do we worry about work when we aren’t there, or daydream about fun stuff while at work.

Let’s hone in on the issue of getting side tracked, and I think it needs to get further clarification of what really falls into this category.

The following are my opinions….

  1. Is daydreaming at work sidetracked?…..No
  2. Is thinking about work on vacation?…..Yes
  3. Is playing video games?….Yes
  4. Is working on a side business?…..No
  5. Is studying for a certification?…..No
  6. Is taking a class for fun?…..No
  7. Is watching TV for countless hours?…..Yes
  8. Is trying a business idea you lack confidence in?…..Maybe
  9. Is hanging onto a failed business or idea too long?….Maybe

I had an epiphany one day many years ago, that led me to realize that the events of life…are just that…events that we all encounter.   Many things that happen in life are just part of life, events that happen in everyday living and everyday life.  What I mean by this is that as we all ebb and flow through life, we will encounter life’s choices and forks in the road.  When we make these decisions we need to make them with confidence that we are making the right decisions.

So we can’t too hung up on vacations, worrying about work, the stress of trying to get ahead in life.  Let’s face it, improving your career and your wealth are not easy endeavors, and they can be struggle.  And you must keep in mind that your efforts will not  always work out in your favor…but just because something doesn’t work out, doesn’t make it a failed cause…or worse…being labeled as a “sidetrack”.

I would argue, that if you believe in what you are doing, and have faith that it may yield something positive in your life…don’t label it as a sidetrack.  For me, I go through entrepreneurial phases in my life where I get really into finding that next great idea, or thing I want to spend time on.  Along the way I come up with some great ideas, and some not so great ideas.  I’m sure that all of us who are entrepreneurial minded do this.  As I compile a list or new ideas, I also go through the process of filtering out ideas, and narrowing down the possibilities that I may want to work on.  But none of these ideas or the process of finding new ideas are sidetracks.

Here is where some of you may get sidetracked, and this is a point in the process where you want to make sure that you spend time finding the right project for you to work on.  You’ll want to test this idea, and make sure that it meets your short, medium and long term goals.  Or at the very least a few of the goals.  If you just blindly start to work on every project that floats into your mental field, then you will definitely be falling into the concept of getting sidetracked.  The reason for this, as you get more experience with branching out and starting new projects, you’ll find that many of them just aren’t as great as you initially thought.  Or, you’ll realize that once you put your great idea into Google, there are a dozen other companies a few years ahead of you in the development cycle.  So, don’t overlook or underestimate the importance of screening out your ideas and narrowing the possibilities that you want to invest your value time into.

Some times I spin my wheels working on grand plans that never yield anything.    The process of finding a great idea that can make you money, or move you ahead on your journey through life is a process.  No successful self made person, gets an easy path…it’s a struggle.

I push back on the concept of “side-tracked” and I hope you do to.  Because remember, as a person who is struggling to get more out of life you will start down paths that quickly turn out to be false hopes.  Make sure that you don’t get too hung up on these and start to feel like your stagnating or that you are getting sidetracked.

Keep your chin up and keep forging ahead.  You will make it there…I have confidence in you.  Remember that great success is often forged out of epic failures.  Don’t give up and always move forward.

Getting Sidetracked Can Make You Money!!!

So, when you are in the plain vanilla life that you’ve been living, maybe you’re too scared to branch out and try something new, maybe you’re risk averse.  (being risk averse is a smart thing…but that’s another post).  When I started my second business, it was a internet development & consulting company.  I started by focusing in 1999 on how to make websites, and not just any website but database connected websites.   It was a mild learning process, as I had already been programming since I was a kid…so it wasn’t a huge jump for me.

But the moment I started this business and started telling people I quit my job and started an internet development firm…I guarantee you a lot of people thought…”He’s getting sidetracked.”  He isn’t working at the investment company…he’s wasting both time and money.  But little did any of us know at the time, that sidetracked turned out to become a very enjoyable career for 10 years until I exited the business.  A lot of people, who are branching out into a new found career, or taking a leap of faith into something that is new for them…may very well be labeled as a “Sidetrack”.  But don’t let these nay sayers deter you from your dreams goals and aspirations.  Now, as we briefly touched up above and a CYA by me.  Don’t go quitting your good jobs…OK?  You have a whole series of things that you must do before you make that leap of faith.   Subscribe to this blog, and we will help you along your journey.

If I had never been labeled as a “sidetrack”, then I would have never found a new business that I really enjoyed and that was profitable.