Negotiate with your boss to get what you want

A lot of employees have the wrong impression about the employer/employee relationship.  This relationship, which definitely defined, and the employer definitely has some advantages, it’s not completely one sided toward your boss.   By this I mean, that while your boss is definitely in charge, they don’t completely control the situation.  And in any two way relationship, each party is in complete control of their destiny…they can each walk away at any time.

So, in the employer/employee relationship it is not true that the Boss holds all the cards in the negotiation.  As the employee let’s not forget that at any time we can find other employment.  You never want to walk away on the spot, but if you feel so inclined, you can start the job search at any moment in the day, and hopefully land a better job that suits your situation.  So, the main point here, is that in any negotiation each party has the ultimate power to walk away.  The boss can fire the employee, and the employee can say “I’m outta here”.   Right?

This is a basic tenet of the power of negotiation, it is the power to walk away.  And any great negotiator will use this power as a bargaining chip to hopefully tilt the negotiation in their favor.  So with this new found information, it must be used cautiously and with great discretion.  Because let’s not forget who has the upper hand…your boss does.  And so, we need to approach our negotiation very carefully and do it in a kind/gentle/sincere way.  Here are a few tips:

1.)  Let your boss know that you care:  Let them know that you love and care about the organization.  This is essential to letting them know that you are both really on the same side.

2.)  Let them know how valuable you are:  You don’t want to come off as disgruntled or a PITA( google it if you don’t know the meaning 🙂 ), but instead that you are setting a win/win situation for both you and the company.

3.)  Let them know that you have certain value:  Tell them gently what have you been up to.   You want to make it known that you are really in this company for the long haul, and that you are on their side.  This will make them feel that you are here to help, and that they need to keep you around to make this company a better place.

4.)  Discuss a road map for your personal growth:  How can you grow at the firm?  Ask them directly what can you do to get your career growth into blast off mode.  You want to work towards much higher things at the company, and you are asking for their guidance to make this happen.

5.)  Let them know your goals:  “I want to be a supervisor”, “I want to take on a new role”, etc.  Don’t be bashful, but instead be direct and assertive, in a kind and non-disgruntled way.  After you’ve setup the conversation using the previous tips, they will not be at all surprised with your let them know your goals.  This will probably be impressed that you are Alpha, or ‘A’ player.

All of life is a negotiation, and use this website and our personal growth postings, to help you improve on your ability to get more from your company.  Let’s face it you add tremendous value to your company, and ultimately you want to be compensated for this dedication and commitment.

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