What is WordPress?

WordPress is an software that allows the site owner to blog, or write a series of short articles and pages that are easily categorizedWikipedia defines as a blog as.  A number of blogging software applications are designed and developed by open source programmers or developers that allow you to easily and seamlessly create content for the blog.  A blogging software is a tool that will allow you to point and click to add an article, upload a picture, and do it all within a secured and private section of your website.  Sounds great?  Is this what you’ve been looking for?

We recommend a hosting company called www.BlueHost.com to setup a hosting account and start your blog.  Check out our post on starting a blog to learn more about the specifics of how starting a blog works.  But back to the topic at hand…

1.)  Is WordPress Free?  Yes, WordPress can be totally free for the site owner.   The only cost that most people pay is for the hosting company to provide hosting, or a server space for the files, pictures, content, database, etc.

2.)  Is WordPress Easy to Learn?  As far as technology goes, yes it is easy to learn and setup.   Within WP, there are posts/articles and pages.  They are similar features that allow you to create written article or content that you desire.  If you are a total beginner, you can think of this as working on a post similar to writing an email in Gmail, or a document in Microsoft Word.

3.)  Is it easy to customize WordPress?  The customization of the site can be challenging for the novice and so we recommend installing a template to get off the ground and going.  With a template you’ll get a ton of features and also a framework or look for your site that you approved.  Also great with WordPress, is that there are thousands of premade templates that are relatively cheap…or under a $100/US , and even under $10/US.  WOW..huh?  Who ever knew that running your own blog can be so cheap.

4.)  Can it be totally free to run WordPress?  Yes, you can run WordPress without paying a hosting fee, and I’ll include a link right here to get you started.  You can run totally free WordPress at WordPress.com.  It is through their corporate site, and there are restrictions and limitations, and you can pay extra to unlock certain features.  With this said, I don’t recommend that you do any of this because to get the most out of Google and other search engines, you’ll want to have your own hosting on your own domain.  We will go into this further in other posts, but for now just keep this in mind.

5.)  What if you need help with building your website?  You can pay a designer or developer a nominal fee to help you make tweaks to your WP software.  They can get a lot done for you in a short amount of time, and get it done right.  I suggest using sites like www.Craigslist.com, www.Fiverr.com, www.UpWork.com to locate a designer/programmer/developer.

Remember to check our post on getting started with Bluehost and WordPress.  Comment down below if you have any questions about running a WordPress blog, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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