Business Ideas for College Students

I’m trying to think about good business ideas for college students or creating a small business for a student.  Any what I’ve found is that there really isn’t much difference between starting a business as a student, or waiting until after you’ve graduated college.   One of the main differences is going to be in the time that you have available to make a plan and implement it.

As a college student, hopefully you’ll be spending your time trying to get perfect grades and preparing yourself for whatever career may follow your time at a University.  You’ll typically find that you are going to classes multiple hours each day, and spend at least the same number of hours studying as you are spending inside of the classroom.  So, for 3 hours of classwork each week, would require at least 6-9 hours of study outside of the class.  So you are looking at 2-3 times the effort outside of class, and so you can quickly see how this will affect your available time.   So you’ll need to assess your own situation and try to identify if you have the time or interest in putting for the effort to make a small business come to life while you are in school.

Not all Small Businesses are the Same

Some small businesses are just that…SMALL.   So when you talk about starting a small business while in college, let’s remember to keep it in perspective and not overthink or over exaggerate what have a small business may entail.  Right now I have recently started an online web project(not this website), that really exciting for me, and it takes up to 5-10 hours of my time each week and I’ve hired a programmer to make most of it happen…is this a small business?  Definitely, if this was a project for most people, it could be considered a small business effort, and totally the type of thing that we are talking about.

Stay Focused on your Interests

A common theme on this website, is the concept of focus, and staying focused on what excites and interests you.  So, to be clear you’ll want to make sure that you have done a good amount of thinking and research to be sure to find something that you really love and are really passionate about.  If you love cleaning or window washing, maybe there can be a business there.  There need to be certain chemicals that are used and manufactured, there are service businesses to clean buildings and windows on high rise buildings, there are home cleaning companies.   Who knows…right?  There are a lot of possibilities that you can come across if you really put your mind to the task.

We have a lot of our content written on this subject, so check out our other pages, but in general you’ll want stay focused on areas of life that interest and excite you.  You want to do this, because if you love baseball for example.  You’ll probably naturally want to spend a lot of time on this subject without feeling like you’re forcing yourself.

With this brief introduction done, let’s get to some small business ideas for college students:

  1. APP – create an app for anything and that will do something very useful and needed.  In many cases this can be a follow on to an existing APP, not always do you need to completely invent the wheel.
  2. Internet/Website Business –  This is similar to what you are doing with creating an APP, but a website often will have somewhat more functionality, and thus may be a somewhat larger project than simply making an APP.
  3. Consulting Services Company –  If you have any special talents and gifts you can share with people or business owners?  If you have some special talents that you’ve been improving in your personal life, or work experience.  Remember, a smart business owner will always be willing to pay for good people to help them make more money.  So think about your skills and whether you can help people grow.
  4. Start at the Bottom  – By definition you can start a business with no experience, and offer your experience to another industry that you are in love with.  Let’s say you love the investment industry…for example.  If you love the industry, you can make a business that will help you to start getting experience.  So, maybe you can offer a business something that you know that they need, and thus getting your foot in the door.  Maybe you know accounting or bookkeeping, but you really want to manage investments for clients.  So maybe you can start a bookkeeping business that will help you get your foot into the door and into an industry that focuses on working with clients that you ultimately you want to work for.  This may lead to a job directly for them in the future or a further business that you can start to immerse yourself further into an industry that you love.
  5. Bookkeeping or Accounting Business –  This can have a low skill level and often the work you will do will be directly very closely by internal management.
  6. Landscaping, Website Design, Auto Repair, Ghost Writing & Content Creating – remember we are looking for something that we love to do and not necessarily something that is a world beater.  You don’t need to become a billionaire off of this small business.   This is very important to remember.

Tips, Suggestions & Ideas

These tips and suggestions are business ideas for college students, and can help a student to start a small business.  Don’t worry, don’t take it too seriously, do your homework, and don’t be afraid to start something.  Every popular entrepreneur will talk about not being afraid to fail, and not being afraid to get started.  What you’ll have to do over time, is to learn how to manage this process and use it as a growing experience and learning lesson.

Comment down below and give us your suggestions!