WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design code isn’t necessary when using themes and plugins for your WordPress project.

The process of getting a WordPress website launch is really pretty easy.   In this article we will go over the typical steps to getting a WordPress website design up and running for your site.  There is a installation wizard that will get the site installed and running on most hosting plans.  There are also hundreds or professionally designed themes that you can easily implement onto your site to get your up and going in no time.   As always, please comment down below if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help  you out.

How to Setup a WordPress Website Design?

There are a few ways that a beginner can setup a WordPress website and have a professional look and design.  The quickest and easiest way will be to start with a “Theme” for your website.  The design process is really simple by using a theme as you can download it directly from the internet, then install it to your WordPress website.  Using themes with WordPress is really easy, and you can do it by getting a Free WordPress Theme, or you can Buy a WordPress Theme.  The best thing about it, is that there are a lot of great Free WordPress themes out there.

What is WordPress?
WordPress Web Design Tips

 How do I Customize a WordPress Theme?

Many, not all, but many options in a WordPress theme will be easily customized by pointing and clicking your mouse.   It is really that easy.  But some more advanced customization for your WordPress website design will require some basic or advanced website design or programming knowledge.  So, your best best will be to find a theme that works really well for you before you start to work with it.  For example, if you want multiple languages, like I did for a recent project, I found a theme that already had language support built into it.  I’ll admit it was a bit tricky at first to figure out the language components of it, but once I did figure it out, the design and creation of the pages went smoothly.

WordPress Plugins

A great feature of WordPress that will simplify the design process, is the use of the plugin.  For example, at its core, WordPress is a tool that is a Blog, or a website software for writing content and structuring it.  But WordPress can also be extended far beyond the normal uses of the software by installing plugins.  And I’ll be bold to say, that many things that you want to do with WordPress will have a plugin already built for it.  In one of my recent projects I used a table plugin that allowed me to easily create content and images in a 2X2 format, and a 2X4 format.  This was great as I didn’t want to do each page by hand or using HTML or CSS directly.

Beyond design customization with plugins you can also implement forums, shopping carts, and more with plugins.  You can find many great plugins on the WordPress website.

Professional WordPress Design

For some people they want the best, or they aren’t going to have the patience or energy to design their own site.  And that is fine…so for these people you will want to hire a professional wordpress designer.  There are a few ways to do this and there are three websites that I suggest.

  1. Craigslist.com to hire a solo contract specialist.  This is a little more challenging as you won’t be able to see reviews or previous work.
  2. Upwork.com & Fiverr.com – both of these sites are portals for hiring a professional website designer.  You can post a project and many people will respond to you and let you know if they can handle your project.    You can read read reviews of their work and also easily see some online samples.  This is a buyer beware service, so be sure to do your due diligence before hiring a professional as the work is not certified by either Upwork or Fiverr.

How to Design a Website?

Designing a website is similar to building a new house or planning for anything that is going to take some time.  When you start to think about planning to build a house, you first need to think about a budget or generally what you want in a house.  This will entail thinking about how many people will live in the house, what the rooms are going to be used for, or how many bedrooms do you need?  Once you think about what type of house you need, you’ll need to think about where you want to build the house, or where are you planning to purchase some land.  Next you’ll want to think about the budget and just how much money do you have to spend on this real estate?  These first three steps in planning to build a home are similar to planning to design a website.  You’ll need to know what is the overall plan of the website, what is the website going to be used for, and how much money will you have to budget for a WordPress website design?  Many people overlook these initial steps, and they are so important to the overall planning of the website.

A popular electronics store in Los Angeles, CA had many locations and was a multi million dollar business.  This was a big business to many people, yet they had a very poor online strategy to begin with.  Once they put up their first website, eventually as they dragged their feet, it was a real poor attempt at a website.  They didn’t seem to have a very good plan, they didn’t have any online eCommerce, and you could not purchase items online.  So, basically they didn’t have a plan, or their plan was that the internet wasn’t important.  But this lack of a plan, led them to decide 1) The budget was very low 2.) Customers were not going to be able to order online 3) Generally they had a few pages that they wanted to put like store locations, etc.

So, in the fashion of this electronics store I mention, you too will need to think first about what is the purpose of this website, and what is it going to be used for.  Once you have some basic ideas, the next best step is the list out the requirements of the website design.  What is required and will you need to ensure that your website can do.  Do you need a contact form page, online ordering, member accounts, recurring billing, etc. (All of these can be done by WordPress…YAY!)

A Budget and A Plan

Once you have your budget and your plan you can start to think about WordPress and the features that it offers.  As we mentioned above your path for doing this will be to visit the Plugins and Themes pages to find themes and plugins that will accomplish all of the requirements that you’ve already decided on.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions, comments, or need some brief direction please don’t hesitate to comment down below to contact us.   Hopefully we can use your comments to expand this page and further help other people.

WordPress Web Design Tips

Learning WordPress is essential for anybody running a WP website.  In this post we will discuss WordPress web design and how it can be accomplished by the beginner and the pro.  The importance of website design, is important for making a functional and good looking website that will work well and attract website visitors to want to return and use your website.  If you take heed to the tips and suggestions below it will help you to design a website.

First, we want to discuss the web design in the context of WordPress.  If you are new to WordPress, check out our post: What is WordPress?  When you start to think about setting up a website, you will need to think about the functionality that you want to have for your website.  Do you want to put up content that is categorized and organized based on your settings?  Content will be similar to what you see on this website.   Where we have a number of categories, one is Blog Software, which describes technology such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.   I would suggest reading the features of wordpress at their websites:  https://wordpress.org/about/features/

Once you have determined that you are using the right software…let’s get to the website design tips.

Let’s talk Bluehost.com

This is a professional web hosting company that you can choose to host a WordPress website.  The have a great team that can help your site get deployed and setup the right way.  Beyond that, we suggest that you view some our page on How to  Start a Bluehost WordPress Website.  Good Luck!!!

Tip #1:  Always start with a design template or theme for your site:  Starting with a theme for your site will save you a lot of time and money in the design portion.  For true beginners, the design portion is a mainly about the look and feel of the website.   In this section you will decide what colors, layout, features you want for the website.  This is essential in this phase because you don’t want to get started then find out that you’ve missed and left out a major component that is needed for your site.  But, just and FYI, most software can be added too, and revised to add on just about anything.  But, with this said, getting the right software and right theme can save you a lot of headache from the start.  I recently created a WordPress website that was multiple languages and picking a theme that had support for this saved me huge in the long run.

Tip #2:  You’ll make design mistakes…keep moving forward:  As I stated in Tip#1 above, just about anything can be added to your website.  What you don’t want to do is to start out with a software that doesn’t handle the major parts of your requirements.  So, please check out the link to see the WordPress Features before you keep going with WordPress.  But once you get started and in the design and development phase you will hit bumps in the road that question what you are doing.  Just remember that this is normal, and to keep moving forward.  Think of this process as building a house.  If you only start with 2 bedrooms and 2 bath…can you add on?  The answer to this add on question is often yes, that you can add another 3rd bedroom and 3rd bathroom if absolutely necessary.  In the design phase, you want to think about growth, and the features you need now and the ones you may want to add in the future.  If you buy a plot of land that has absolutely no ability to add another bedroom, the smart person will think about this in advance..and you should too with the design of your WordPress website.

Tip #3 If you’re new to this…hire a website design professional:  If you are new to designing websites check out ways that you can hire a professional graphic artist, programmer, or designer to get you started.  You can find great resources at:

  1. www.craigslist.com
  2. www.fiverr.com
  3. www.upwork.com

Tip #4 It is a work in progress, don’t fret the design process:  Any professional web designer will tell you, that their work is never really done.  What this means…is that there is always more work that can be done, or improvements that can be implemented.  I know in some of my past projects, the concept of scope creep with the client would have gone on forever and ever.  And with some of our clients it did, they were just projects that went on each and every month with new additions changes, and updates.  This is what you’ll find hopefully with your project once it gets off the ground.  So, don’t worry or hold things up if they aren’t perfect.  Just get started and you’ll figure it out along the way.

Tip#5 Never cheat the system…or use BlackHat techniques:  Some people, well all of us, are looking for quick hits or ways that we can get farther faster.  Web design is not one of these places where you want to employ tricky techniques that may trick the search engines…or BlackHat techniques.  If you do employ these types of things, you’ll probably slip up, get caught by Google search bots, and blacklisted in their index for many years.  Trust me…I’ve seen this happen and it’s not pretty.  The time that I saw this happen it was a complete accident, and it still didn’t matter to Google as their systems are black and white, or programmed to react a certain way to the millions of sites they interact with.  SO!!! don’t do it.

Tip #6 Know your budget & limitations:  If you want to build a Google like search engine…guess what…you can’t do it.  I’ll tell you even Bill Gates couldn’t make that happen.  So, this tip is pretty simple.  You’ll have some great ideas that you want to make happen, but it’s going to be hard to accomplish everything you can think of.  Take it from someone who has spent decades building and designing websites.  First you’ll want to have a basic budget in mind, and you’ll need to next make sure that you have a basic requirements document, and finally you’ll need to submit this to a designer to get a quote.

These are some basic tips that you can use to get started into getting a website designed for your project.  My main tip…is to keep it simple, keep it moving forward, and keep it a work in progress.  These tips will help you to get more done faster, and to get your project off the ground faster.

As always, comment down below with any tips or suggestions for adding content to this website, or this page and we’ll get working on it for you.  Good luck designing your WordPress web site!


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an software that allows the site owner to blog, or write a series of short articles and pages that are easily categorizedWikipedia defines as a blog as.  A number of blogging software applications are designed and developed by open source programmers or developers that allow you to easily and seamlessly create content for the blog.  A blogging software is a tool that will allow you to point and click to add an article, upload a picture, and do it all within a secured and private section of your website.  Sounds great?  Is this what you’ve been looking for?

We recommend a hosting company called www.BlueHost.com to setup a hosting account and start your blog.  Check out our post on starting a blog to learn more about the specifics of how starting a blog works.  But back to the topic at hand…

1.)  Is WordPress Free?  Yes, WordPress can be totally free for the site owner.   The only cost that most people pay is for the hosting company to provide hosting, or a server space for the files, pictures, content, database, etc.

2.)  Is WordPress Easy to Learn?  As far as technology goes, yes it is easy to learn and setup.   Within WP, there are posts/articles and pages.  They are similar features that allow you to create written article or content that you desire.  If you are a total beginner, you can think of this as working on a post similar to writing an email in Gmail, or a document in Microsoft Word.

3.)  Is it easy to customize WordPress?  The customization of the site can be challenging for the novice and so we recommend installing a template to get off the ground and going.  With a template you’ll get a ton of features and also a framework or look for your site that you approved.  Also great with WordPress, is that there are thousands of premade templates that are relatively cheap…or under a $100/US , and even under $10/US.  WOW..huh?  Who ever knew that running your own blog can be so cheap.

4.)  Can it be totally free to run WordPress?  Yes, you can run WordPress without paying a hosting fee, and I’ll include a link right here to get you started.  You can run totally free WordPress at WordPress.com.  It is through their corporate site, and there are restrictions and limitations, and you can pay extra to unlock certain features.  With this said, I don’t recommend that you do any of this because to get the most out of Google and other search engines, you’ll want to have your own hosting on your own domain.  We will go into this further in other posts, but for now just keep this in mind.

5.)  What if you need help with building your website?  You can pay a designer or developer a nominal fee to help you make tweaks to your WP software.  They can get a lot done for you in a short amount of time, and get it done right.  I suggest using sites like www.Craigslist.com, www.Fiverr.com, www.UpWork.com to locate a designer/programmer/developer.

Remember to check our post on getting started with Bluehost and WordPress.  Comment down below if you have any questions about running a WordPress blog, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.