Building Your Core

What is a core?

Well in the body, the core is the group of muscles that surround the torso and make the core of the body, or the central part of the body stronger.  In our meaning for this sete,  it is the internal structure of you as a person and what makes the essential components of yourself.  If we think of our bodies as an engine, a computer, a car, or other machine, there are some core components of each of these which will help them to perform at their top level as they are used.  A car for example, has a core component of an engine, and without a good working engine the car is essentially junk.  Another core example with be a computer without a CPU or central processing unit, this would be like a person trying to operate without their brain.  So, on this page we will highlight a few core components that you must know, implement, and continually improve on to grow as a successful human being.

Core Component #1 : Negotiation Skills & Training.

Negotiation is one of the key tenets of life, or said another way, you cannot be successful in life unless you are a good negotiator.  Check out our in depth page on Negotiation and please comment down below if you have other suggestions for Core Ingredients of Life.  The goal with the following page will be to help open your eyes to the fact that everything in life is based on a negotiation.  Say what???? You say.  Well read on the following article to see just how Negotiation touches every aspect of your life, whether you know it or not.

Negotiation Skills & Having Expectations