Learning ways to get extra income into your life is the way many people get ahead in life.  You can start to think about your job as a salary, but that shouldn’t be the end of what your do to make yourself more wealthy.  There are many, not a few, but many ways that you can approach life to boost your wealth up and up, and make yourself more wealthy.  Making small choices in life will get you there, and get your income to increase.

With money, you have inflows and outflows of money.  Inflows come from a regular salary, investments, extra or side income, and inheritance.  These are the major sources of income, and you can make sure that you are going after all of these sources to maximize your wealth and maximize your life.  The goal is to not settle for the way things are, push to get ahead and you can do this one way by thinking about extra income!

Now you don’t want to let this extra income affect your main salary, and you don’t want to have it affect your regular job, but you can do it in your evenings and weekends, and start to add extra income into your savings and investments.  The way to start thinking about this in your life will be to think about the ways that you earn money in your career.  Are there ways that you currently earn money that you can also do in your side time, while still staying within your obligations to your current employer or any contracts that you are involved in?  You don’t want to take 1 step forward to earn extra income, just to take 2 steps backward by potentially losing your job by working on the side when you should compete with your current employer.

What are you passionate about?

The first thing that you can think about as a source for side income, the low hanging fruit is to focus on what are you already passionate about, or what do you know a lot about?  Spend time thinking about what you can instantly provide someone a service or product in that will take little time for you to learn about.  This will be different for everyone, and not the same answer, or an answer that I can give to you.

Is gardening your thing?  My mother paid a person about $200 to come and plant a garden for her.  Millions of people across the US pay gardeners to work in their yards on the weekend.  If you were about to get 10 clients paying to $100 per month, this is about $1,000  of extra money each month for you.

My friend likes to sew and hem, and can quickly tailor your new drapes to be a custom fit for your house.  She loves to sew, and can make adjustments and repairs to a lot of different garments.  She has even been know to sew dolls clothes.  So as we talk about methods, ways or different business ideas, I can think of a lot of businesses that can be started by using the skill of sewing.  Can you think of some?  As an exercise, why don’t you grab a piece of paper, and write down all of the types of business that can be started by having a passion in sewing.

Businesses that can be started by having a passion in sewing:

  1. Seamstress
  2. Tailor
  3. Create a line of baby clothes
  4. Design a line of adult clothes
  5. Affiliate marketing website related to clothes, or sewing, or quilting
  6. Manufacturer any type of clothing in China
  7. Hand make clothing items to sell on Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify
  8. etc, etc.

I am sure that there are many types of business ideas that I’ve missed in the above example of what types of businesses to create using sewing.  If you have some additional ideas, please add them in the comments below.  I’d love to expand on my list, and your help would be greatly appreciated.  I’d love to get 1 or 2 comments below…thanks!