Thinking about how to make money and earn money with our proven tipsThere are a few essential skills that we learn from childhood, such as riding a bike, being kind and courteous, being honest, and how to develop friends.  Many of the skills we learn in childhood are taught by our parents, family and close friends.  But some skills aren’t taught to us effectively in our youth and even all the way through college.  Even the college and graduate courses I took didn’t get into the nuts and bolts of learning how to make money.  Right?  I’m sure that most of you had the same experience as me, and so this concept of earning money becomes a little mysterious and a trial and error scenario.

Below we will go over some great tips for how to make money, or how to earn money that anyone can use.  These tips will help you boost your internal wealth, and allow you to focus on the all important goal of making money.  We have another page about leaning how to save money, so check that out also!

School is Important to Earn Money (KINDA)

As was mentioned above, school and coursework typically does not focus on the time old art of making money.  And let’s not overlook the fact that making money is a skill, or an art form that some people possess while others don’t.  So, while it is critically important to focus on schooling up through college, you will also want to place an emphasis on and watch out for situations that may present for making money.  There are examples of many incredibly rich and successful people who took advantage of a situation instead of focusing on schoolwork.  A couple of major examples of this are Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg.  Because at the end of the day, a diploma is just a piece of paper that will not actually earn you any money.  But with that said, many diplomas are also a guarantee that you will have a lifetime of above average earnings.

If you have a degree from a certain university, like Harvard, you can almost guarantee a job at a good consulting firm, and then use that to jump into a well paying role at a major corporation.  So, the advice is to push extremely hard in school, which looking at different situations and scenarios that represent ways to make money.  Over time, this added focus on situations where you can earn money, or where you see others earn incredible wealth should ultimately pay off for you.

Become Unstoppable – Shaquille O’neal and the Art of Dunking

Right after you subscribe to our newsletter, after after you finish learning a few things from our site, be sure to pop over to Youtube to check our Shaq doing a few awesome dunks.  Why you ask?  We’ll our homework is not just to watch the dunk casually, but instead to study Shaq’s facial expressions, his determination, and his follow through.  One thing that stands out in his approach to the rim and scoring, is that is unstoppable.  In his mind, you can tell that he is moving forward toward the basket as if no one can deter him.  In some of the dunks, you’ll see him crashing through defenders, jumping over defenders, and simply plow a path forward.  This is what you must do as you move forward to learning how to make money.

Back to Mark Zuckerberg for a moment, to look at the history of Faceboook(FB).  Facebook began in early 2004 and didn’t go public for 8 more years.  So, what’s important to see here is that things take time.   FB has grown into one of the largest companies in the world and it took time, investment, and dedication.  This rise to stardom for Facebook is arguably a fast rise, but yet it still took many many years.  So, in your mind, you will need to garner an inner dedication to earning money.  And realize that it will not be overnight, it will not be quick, but never give up and stay the course.

Passion and Consistency

Have passion to earn money and focus on learning how other made money.This section will be a major component in separating those successful in earning money, and those that struggle.  The word passion means that you will spend more time that average in your dedication to earning money.  Are you willing to work harder than your peers or competitors?  Are you willing to stay up later, give up on attending family events, when your eyes first open in the  morning what are you focused on?  In your spare time what do you think about, or what are you doing in your spare time?

If you find that you are not passionate about what you are working on, they you may want to switch up your career or job, and find something that you are more passionate about.  For example, if you love pets and fish tanks, but hate your job in accounting, maybe there is a way that you can transition.  Maybe you can focus on building a new career in what you are interested in.  After all, there is an owner of PetSmart, or, and there needs to be many dedicated and passionate people who run this company.   So, find what you are passionate about and feed off of that to pull you forward.

Consistency, is pretty obvious, but this is worth mentioning again since it is an essential component of how to make money.  Consistency means that you will keep your passion at a high level for years and years.  Consistency also means that you will not flip and flop around in your career moving from pets, to finance, to retail, etc.   Now, as we mentioned above, we can hopefully find away to merge all of our strengths or interests together in positive ways as we grow in our career.  If you love pets but you are currently an accountant, maybe you can work towards getting a job at in their finance or accounting department.  This may offer a positive combination of your interests and professional background that will allow you to transition into a new career path.

Work Harder & Smarter Than the Next Person

No matter if you are studying in school, working a day job, or an entrepreneur you will need to be passionate, consistent, and work harder than your peers.  This is essential to getting ahead in your professional career.  Let’s bounce back to our awesome Facebook example.   There have been a number of other social media sites that have existed since Facebook came into existence.   There was a major competitor to Facebook that existed and had a head start on Mark Zuckerberg, and this company was called Friendster.  Nobody cares about this company anymore, and the website doesn’t even exist, but let’s remember that they had over 100 million active users in just 2009.  So, how did Facebook overtake them and essentially put them out of business?  Simply put, they worked hard, put in more effort, had more passion, remained persistent and consistent towards their goals.  They were determined.

Don’t Just Show Up – Take Ownership

This is just a quick section, but you cannot just show up and exist in the things you are involved in.  This means that if you are in school give 110%, if you work at a boring job you give 110%, if you are starting a new company you give 110%.  You will need to always put forth the most effort that you can in things that will help your professional career.  And when I say to give 110%, this means that you will have to take ownership, be intricately involved, and be passionate about making your efforts count.  To be a standout, means to take ownership. If your boss asks who wants to take a hard and new special project, most people will take one step backward and try to get out of it.  This is just the way it is for the common person.  But you are not common, and this is why you are reading this article.  So be that person who steps forward to give 110% and give that extra effort to take ownership and stand out.   This is one of the main ways that you will grow to earn more.

It Takes Time – Stay the Course

A biotechnology company that I invest in and follow that lost money for over 20 years before ever earning a profit.  Yes, that is not a typo, in that the main two founders stayed passionate and involved for 20 years before they made a profitable year.  WOW, this is dedication, passion, and consistency.  They never gave up, and now they are both involved in a Multi-Billion dollar company.  You can learn how to make money.

Build Relationships and Invest in a People Network

One of the main reasons that people send little kids to high end private schools, if for the connections that they will meet.  This is similar to the old saying that people rub off on each other, or, a person is only as good as their close friends are.  This is logical, as if a good and nice person typically has good and nice friends.  A successful person, typically doesn’t hang around with a bunch of unemployed losers.

So, as you move through life, you will want to focus on making and building relationships with quality people who can boost your career and pull you forward in situations.   Many people in need of a job will look towards friends and family as initial sources for getting a job.  My first job was the result of my neighbor who was an executive at a movie theater company.  So, my parents asked him if I could work at a movie theater for the summer.  He arranged an interview and I got the job.

Our Tips to Learn How to Make Money

Learning about making money is essential for a happy life.  Not to say that we all have to be filthy rich, but making money more easily, will me that you have more time to focus on other things that you enjoy in life.  Our tips are not cookie cutter, but more focused on helping you to have the right attitude for making more more.  There are some additional tips that we offer throughout our site and in our newsletter so be sure to subscribe and comment below with any suggestions that you may have.